​Roof Repair & Maintenance

Over time your roof is going to start to wear down. To make sure that your roof doesn’t wear down any faster that it should naturally, undergoing annual inspections and practicing good maintenance habits is important. At League City Roofing Experts we can help you with both. Our team is available to help, even when there isn’t a threat or a problem. We will simply inspect your roof and use our knowledge and expertise to make a judgment call. If we do believe that your roof could use some maintenance, than we can offer those services as well.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are very common, yet extremely annoying to deal with. Water damage is irreversible and nobody wants to have their home interior compromised. Plus, left untreated excess water buildup can cause mold. Roofs can begin to leak for a number of reasons including broken chimney, roof cracks and roof separation. When you notice that water is leaking into your home, or you notice streaks or discoloration, contact us right away. We will identify where the leak is coming from and seal it. No matter how big or small the leak is, our team is equipped to find the source and deal with it properly.

Eavestrough Repair

Your eavestrough is an extremely important component of your roof – it carries water away from your house so that you don’t have to deal with water damage or flooding. Unfortunately, the eavestrough is also very vulnerable to damage. It gets easily clogged by leaves, dirt, snow, ice and other outdoor elements, and it bends and cracks when it’s too windy. It’s important to keep your eavestrough in good working order so that you can avoid other, more serious, roofing problems. Luckily, our team has all of the tools to come and replace or fix your eavestrough with ease.

Chimney Replacement

It may get overlooked, but your chimney is a crucial element of your roof and home. It directs heat, gas and fumes safely outside of your home. If it becomes blocked it can be an incredibly dangerous hazard. If it becomes cracked or damaged it can lead to things like roof leaks. Our team at League City Roofing Experts is prepared to handle any problem, big or small. We can replace your old chimney with a new one or if it’s a small fix, we can repair the current one and get it back in perfect working condition.

Animal or Weather Damage

Weather damage, such as that from extreme heat, rain, hail, snow or wind, is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to roof damage. Little things like broken and missing shingles and foundational cracks can be fixed by our team without the need to replace your entire roof. You may also notice holes or damage to your foundation that could be caused by pests, such as raccoons, squirrels and birds. Animals will often try to build nests and burrows in roofs and it can be quite destructive. Our team will make sure that any damage done is patched up and sealed off from any future pests.