Roof Remodel & Renovation

Sometimes your roof isn’t in need of repairs or replacement at all, but you just feel like you could use a change. Here at League City Roofing Experts we cover all of our bases, which includes offering roof remodel and renovation services. There are a number of reasons why you might opt for these services, and no matter what the reason is, we want you to that you are in good hands. Our team of experts is equipped for any type and size of job, and carries out the same degree of excellence no matter what.


One of the most common reasons for doing a roof remodel is adding an addition to your home. Many people over time decide to add extra space to their existing home. This may be because of a growing family, a need for more space or simply a personal design preference. Either way, adding on a home office, laundry room, master bedroom suite or expanding your kitchen requires a full roof remodel as well. Our team will work closely with you to make sure that your design and vision is carried out exactly the way you want.

Whole House Remodel

Sometimes an addition isn’t quite enough to satisfy a need for change. When this happens many people opt for an entire home remodel instead. While home remodels are time-consuming and can be messy, the end result means that you get to live in your dream house. At League City Roofing Experts, we carefully and precisely carry out your roof remodel plans as cleanly as possible. Once we are finished you will have a functional and beautiful roof to go with the rest of your new and beautiful house.

New Roof Style

Renovations allow us to drastically change the look of our home, without starting completely from scratch. For those that aren’t interested in an entire house remodel, but are still looking for a structural change, opting for a new roof style could be the answer. There are plenty of different roof styles from French roofs to hip roofs to butterfly to pyramid – the list goes on and on. Doing a complete roof renovation and remodel can change the entire look of your home, both on the inside and outside. Our team is prepared to take on any roof style or design you throw our way.

Roof Raising

Roof raising is becoming a popular trend among people who are looking to gain more interior space. Roof raising is essentially what it sounds like – tearing off the old roof to build a new one that allows for more space inside the home. Another way to add more valuable space to your home is by adding a second floor. Of course this option is much more complicated, but it also has the biggest payoff in terms of space and allows you to nearly double your original floor plan. While our team can work with many different types of roofs, when it comes to roof raising the easiest roof to work with is a traditional gable roof.