Residential & Commercial

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Part of offering the best, most diverse service in Texas means offering services to both residential and commercial customers. It’s important to us to be apart of the community and local business is very much a big part of that community. While there are some similarities, more often residential and commercial properties require different services and areas of attention. We pride ourselves in offering a range of services so wide that it covers any possible problem or potential threat. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, contact League City Roofing Experts for all of your roofing needs today.


One of the ways that residential and commercial roofs differ is in design. For starters commercial roofs are typically much larger that residential roofs and therefore will be constructed using a sloped or flat roof. Residential roofs on the other hand can have a large number of different styles and designs, but one of the most common styles is the gable roof. Flat roofs require more maintenance and inspection than other types of roofs, which means that our commercial services are just as commonly used as our residential services.


While both residential and commercial roofs can be made using metal panels and asphalt shingles, the materials used still vary in cost and application. Commercial roofs are typically flat and use metal, whereas residential roofs have a larger variety of options but will more commonly use shingles. Typically because commercial roofs are so much larger and require more upkeep that residential roofs, they are more expensive to maintain. At League City Roofing Experts, we strive to give both our residential and commercial customers the best, most fair prices across the board. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your roofing needs.


One of the biggest differences between residential and commercial roofs is the installation process. Residential roofs are fairly easy to install as they usually have a straightforward design and don’t require any extra bells and whistles, with the exception of the chimney. Commercial roofs on the other hand, require the contractors to build around external piping, smoke stacks and airflow systems. Dealing with these extra obstacles makes the job a little bit more difficult. The League City Roofing Experts team is exceptionally skilled and trained to handle any situation regardless of intricacy or difficulty level. We can handle any roofing scenario for both commercial and residential properties.


The most common repairs needed for residential and commercial roofs vary. Typically homeowners are more likely to do additions and renovations that require big roof remodeling jobs. Business owners are more likely to need more consistent general maintenance and small repairs, mainly due to the flat roof model and the size of the roof. Whatever the problem is, we have got it covered. Our services are designed to reach anyone and everyone, no matter what type of roof they are dealing with. League City Roofing Experts are always available to meet your needs.