Insurance Claims

There are some things that are just completely out of our control. Damaging wind and hailstorms, for example, are out of our personal control, but can cause severe damage to our homes. It’s important to consistently check-up on the status of your roof. At League City Roofing Experts we will provide you with quality inspections to make sure that nothing is out of the ordinary or posing a problem. While you should do this once every year or so, you should also do this after a big storm occurs. If we do find any damage, it’s important to notify your insurance company right away.

When to File

Even the idea of filing an insurance claim is exhausting; we understand how it might seem like a waste of time to file over small damages. However, left over time those small damages can become big problems that end up costing you a lot of money. Our team will help you assess whether or not you should file and claim and if the answer is to file, we recommend getting in your claim as soon as possible. A lot of insurance companies have a time window in which you can file a claim and if you miss it, you will have to pay for the damages yourself.

Document Damages

Once you’ve decided that your going to file an insurance claim, the next step is to properly document all of the damages. The more detailed you are during this process, the better. Record information relating to the storm itself, including when and at what tie it occurred, for how long, and what exactly happened. Take pictures of all of the damages and include that in your report along with the written account. League City Roofing Experts can also help you out by writing up an inspection report for you to include.

Insurance Inspection

After you file your claim, your insurance provider will send out an adjuster to inspect your home for damages. If we carried out your initial inspection, it’s a good idea to have us their again to back up what we wrote in our written account and answer any questions that the insurance company may have. After the detailed inspection, the adjuster will report back to the insurance provider with an accurate description of the damages. From there the insurance provider will decide whether or not to approve or deny your claim.

Insurance Claim Approval

If the insurance company does approve your claim they will provide you with a payment. The payment will cover the price of the materials. After that your contractor can begin to repair your roof. When they are finished, the insurance company will approve the project and pay the contractor for their work. Ensure that you are completely satisfied with the work being done and that when the repairs are finished there are no remaining damages or areas to be addressed. League City Roofing Experts can help you through this entire process so that it is less of a hassle for you to have to deal with on your own.